Vascular Monitoring System – moorVMS-VASC


VMS-VASCThe moorVMS-VASC is a vascular monitoring system designed for non-invasive assessment of micro-vascular blood flow in response to standard (and custom) pressure cuff inflation protocols.

The system combines a blood flow monitor with an automatic cuff control system and new user friendly clinical software. This functionally combined system from Moor enables clinical and research users to simplify the implementation of a wide range of vascular tests including:

Limb/ toe pressure,
Skin perfusion pressure,
Post occlusive reactive hyperaemia,
Pulse volume
Ankle/toe brachial pressure index
Define your own unique test or sequence of tests or use pre-programmed test(s)

The moorVMS-VASC system has been specifically designed to aid micro vascular assessments in a variety of physiological research and clinical applications. The user friendly software can be used for single tests or any combination of tests according to your study requirements. This multi-functional system is easily configured enabling you to save user selected and defined test sequences or alternatively perform single tests of your choice. A range of tests are available and the software makes these simple to set-up, customise and perform. The display of data is clear and uncluttered. Reports are available in several customisable formats enabling you to display what you need.

Principales caractéristiques

USER FRIENDLY INTERFACE – clinical software for standard vascular assessments helps ease workflow and saves set up time. The system is also available with a touchscreen PC (optional).

CUSTOMISABLE – fully flexible protocols allows the user to easily perform customised single tests or sets of test. Save custom test sequences for use on other patients.

EASY TO PERFORM TESTS – speeds up the test sequence and enables standardised test sequences to be performed on multiple occasions. Protocol prompting reminds you if you need to change cuff or probe positioning as part of the test.

DATA EXPORT AND REPORTING – Data obtained from the tests you perform, in addition to the patient database, is easily and fully transferable from the moorVMS-VASC software into other software packages for analysis (i.e. Excel).

PORTABILITY – A fully portable system on the optional clinical cart (as shown) with optional touchscreen PC. The cart comes equipped with an isolation transformer and provides convenient housing and mobility of monitors, PC interface and probes whilst improving portability between locations (ward/clinic/lab etc).

STABILITY – Exceptional measurement stability as verified by monthly calibration checks.

CUFF RANGE – A range of different cuff sizes are available to suit your needs to occlude individual digits up to an adult thigh. Your own cuffs can also be used if preferred.

MEMORY CHIP PROBES – A range of laser Doppler probes are available for skin and under cuff assessments. Memory chip design stores calibration constants and reminds you if calibration is needed.

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