Pressure Cuff Controller – moorVMS-PRES

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ENG_moorVMS-PRES_BrochureThe reproducibility and reliability of pressure cuff protocols are traditionally hard to manage manually and analysis usually time consuming. The moorVMS-PRES™ pressure cuff controller is designed specifically to overcome these issues, providing reproducible and fully automated pressure cuff control for routine vascular challenges. Coupled with a moorVMS-LDF™ laser Doppler monitor for improved sensitivity to flow changes and moorVMS-PC software, the package offers a powerful solution to protocol management, analysis and reporting with true single operator control.

Principales caractéristiques

Fully automated cuff inflation, target pressure, hold time and deflation patterns all with a single key press.

Standard pressure protocols for

Limb/ toe pressure,
Skin perfusion pressure,
Post occlusive reactive hyperaemia,
Pulse volume
Ankle/toe brachial pressure index
Rapid deflation for Post Occlusive Reactive Hyperaemia or slow, linear deflation for systolic pressure assessments.
A range of cuffs for digit to thigh, all featuring quick fit, air-tight pressure connectors.

Use as a stand alone product if you already have a laser Doppler monitor, imager or other flow detection technique.

Complete flexibility to build your ideal protocol package with monitors, iontophoresis and skin heating modules.

High Quality, Medical Grade design with three year warranty as standard.

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