LD Line Imager LDLS2

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LDLS2The moorLDLS2™ line scanning system provides laser Doppler images of blood flow in the microvasculature with scan times as low as 4 seconds. The system employs a multi channel laser Doppler line to sweep across the tissue gathering data from 64 points simultaneously. The penetration properties of the laser line are comparable to the moorLDI2™ systems but the image acquisition times are much shorter.

The rapid scanning makes this system ideally suited for any application where the dynamic changes are too rapid to be captured by conventional laser Doppler imaging; where work volume is such that time/cost savings can be attained by using fast line scanning; and where it is necessary in a clinical/operative environment to minimise the scan time.

A full range of accessories are available for clinical and research environments.

As with all our products quality and reliability is assured with our standard two year manufacturers warranty.

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